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This Webapplication manages Code Snippets in GIT and saves the context (Name, Description, Tags) in a SQLITE database.


  • Add Code Snippets to a GIT repository
  • Delete Code Snippets from a GIT Repository
  • Edit Code Snippets in a GIT repository
  • Assign Tags to Code Snippets
  • Search for Code Snippets
  • User Authentication against a database
  • Filter Snippets for Languages
  • Use a Tagcloud to filter by tags
  • Preview Snippets before adding/editing

See Bugs/Issues at the bottom of this document for known problems.


This webapplication runs best with

  • Rails 3.0.7
  • Ruby 1.9.2p290

To load and save Code Snippets via GIT, a local GIT repository must exist. There are three ways:

a.) Clone an existing svn repository with http_auth and without svn usernames:

E:\>mkdir svn_git_clone  
E:\>cd svn_git_clone  
E:\svn_git_clone>git init  

E:\svn_git_clone>git svn clone --no-metadata --username xyz   // xyz is the http_auth username

E:\svn_git_clone\snippets-path  is then your new GIT repo

If you also want to import the svn user or import the trunk/branch/tag directory structure checkout

Or b.) Get a copy of an existing GIT repository

E:\>mkdir svn_git_clone  
E:\>cd svn_git_clone  
E:\svn_git_clone>git clone git://  
E:\svn_git_clone\codesnippets  is then your new GIT repo path

Or c.) Create a new and empty GIT repository

E:\>mkdir svn_git_clone   
E:\>cd svn_git_clone  
E:\svn_git_clone>git init  

Set the Git Repository in the WebApp

After the local git repository exists, set it in app/helpers/snippets_helper.rb:

def getRepo
	 Dir.chdir("C:\\svn_git_clone\\codesnippets")   // change the path
	 repo ='.')

def getGitBase
     Dir.chdir("C:\\svn_git_clone\\codesnippets")   // change the path

The development.sqlite3 has set the snippet paths from the Git repository at

Administration User

In the provided development.sqlite3 database there's an existing administration user:

Password: testtest 

Known Bugs and Issues

  • There's no file and git exception handling right now. For example if the repopath starts with a '/' there will be an unhandled error.
  • (Fixed) If you want to update the code snippet, but haven' changed the code --> git error because it wants to commit, but nothing changed
  • Right now, every user in the db can manage code snippets.
  • If the git directory does not exist yet, there will be an error
  • If the file exists in git, but no code snippet in the db has it set in the repopath, it will be overwritten
  • CodeRay formats every code with ruby syntax highlighting and not language dependent
  • if you edit the code snippet and set a new filename, the old file will not be deleted
  • Tag List on edit/add snippet is not perfect: you cannot add a tag as long as there is a result (if a tag 'Java' exists and you want a new Tag 'Ja' its not possible)
  • Filter for 2 or more selected languages at the same time does not work
  • Filter checkbox will not be remembered after filter action
  • In Add and Edit: after preview, the Tags will not be remembered for creation. this will cause an validation error (presence of language tag must be true).
  • If an Tag with space is added, the link to filter it will seperate the word at the space and make n-time links
  • If you click Preview in the edit mode, the code-part will not be loaded in the text-area. If you click submit afterwards, it will update the code snippet with empty content!
  • In Add/Edit Snippets after preview: if the language exists and is inserted in the input-field, all tags added below with non-existing names get strange names.
  • (Fixed) Encoding problem: umlaute are not working at the moment.
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