Created: 2011-07-11 18:43
Updated: 2013-10-13 11:45

DeathPenalty plugin v1.08 by Pandemoneus


  • iConomy 5.0 OR BOSEconomy 6.2
  • Permissions 3.x (optional)
  • WorldGuard 5.2.3 (optional)

How to install:

  1. Copy 'DeathPenalty.jar' into your 'plugins/' folder.
  2. Start your server to create a config file.
  3. Edit the config file in 'plugins/DeathPenalty/config.yml'.

How to uninstall:

  1. Delete 'DeathPenalty.jar'.
  2. Delete the folder 'plugins/DeathPenalty'.

Editable options:

Money: [amount] - money to lose on death TargetMinMoney: [amount] - money a player must have at least to lose money at all LosePercentage: [amount] - percentage of the money the player should lose when he dies -- NOTE: this will be used instead of "Money" if not 0.0 BalanceCanBeNegative: [true, false] - determines whether the player's money can be negative after subtracting FloorAfterSubtraction: [true, false] - determines whether the player's money should be floored (round down) after subtracting (iConomy only) NoPenaltyInWorldGuardRegions: [true, false] - determines whether players receive penalty in guarded regions ShowMsgOnDeath: [true, false] - determines whether a message is shown on the player's death NotEnoughMoney: [message] - shows this message when a player dies but didn't have enough money LostMoney: [message] - shows this message when a player dies and when he had enough money (Useable tags: '<'Money'>' = displays the money lost, '<'Currency'>' = displays the name of the currency, '<'Percentage'>' = displays the percentage as given in LosePercentage, '<'Victim'>' = displays the victim's name, '<'Killer'>' = displays the killer's name (when the player was killed by another player, otherwise it will be blank) | do not forget to remove the '' !) GiveMoneyToKiller: [true, false] - determines whether the player who killed the victim should receive the money lost by the victim


deathpenalty (alias: dp) - shows the ingame help deathpenalty reload (alias: dp reload) - reloads the plugin ingame deathpenalty info (alias: dp info) - shows the currently loaded config

Permission nodes:

deathpenalty.losemoney //players with this permission lose money on death //makes the help command available deathpenalty.config.reload //makes the reload command available //makes the info command available

PermissionBukkit nodes:

deathpenalty.admin: description: Quick node for administrators, disables money loss and enables configuration nodes deathpenalty.player: description: Quick node for players, enables money loss and disables configuration nodes and help deathpenalty.*: description: Gives access to everything that the plug-in offers deathpenalty.config.*: description: Gives access to configuration reloading and displaying it in-game deathpenalty.losemoney: description: Players with this permission lose money on death default: not op description: Allows you to display the commands in-game default: op description: Displays the currently loaded configuration default: op deathpenalty.config.reload: description: Reloads the configuration in-game default: op

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