Created: 2011-07-11 18:22
Updated: 2016-03-21 16:32


  • Add possibility to make new playlists
  • Fix playback. Doubleclicking a song plays it, also add "playing" class to the song in list playing and highlight it somehow.
  • Clean up all code, maybe drop flask for such a simple app? Atleast clean up the javascript so it is readable etc.
  • Wire up the previous and next buttons, and make the progressbar work.
  • Add a small margin-left to playlistname, to line up with trackname.
  • Actually show a miniature youtube-video in 16:9 when playing from yt as source. Click to fullscreen?
  • Add vimeo support.
  • Add regular mp3-support.
  • Consider adding hypem-support?
  • Abstract all source-specific stuff, so adding new sources is easier.


  • Soundmanager trackids ends up being just 'track_'.
  • text in input fields has wrong css.
  • URL-input doesnt close after successful add.
  • playpause fucks up progress in yt-tracks.
  • Progress wrong somehow on sc-tracks.

Long term

  • Chrome-extension for queuing like Spotify or for adding to playlist.
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