Created: 2011-07-11 16:57
Updated: 2014-05-11 06:45


TagFS - Limit View on Filesystem by Tags

TagFS is a filesystem in userspace. It takes an existing directory with tags and allows to limit the view on this filesystem by tags.

  • tags are read from a file in each directory named .tags
  • tags can be combined by + or -, for example music+electronic-minimal would show only files which have tags music and electronic but not minimal
  • at the root of the filesystem the tags can be selected, i.e. cd /mountpoint/music+electronic-minimal/ contains the original files limited by the tags
  • the root of the filesystem lists all available tags


Compile extension:

$ make

Tag files:

echo tag1 >> /files/foo/.tags
echo tag2 >> /files/foo/bar/.tags
echo tag2 >> /files/baz/.tags

Mount filesystem:

$ ./mount /files /mountpoint

Note: The tag files are read only once and are cached thereafter. Only remounting helps currently.

Unmount filesystem:

$ fusermount -u /mountpoint

TODO / Planned Features

  • allow to tag files (currently only directories)
  • different options to store the tags (per-directory or central database)
  • writable filesystem (currently only the basic read operations are implemented)
  • reload tags as necessary
  • improve performance to compute tags of directories
  • maybe organize tags as trees
  • custom event loop instead of fuse_main so signals can be handled properly
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