Created: 2011-07-11 16:56
Updated: 2019-01-18 21:11
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Syntactic Sugar for .NET

A collection of .NET helper classes, extension methods and shortcuts for common .NET operations.

The project is divided in several class libraries:

  • Sugar: Core of the nice to have helpers and extensions methods (.NET Standard 2.0)

  • Sugar.Http: Helper classes and interface to leverage .NET's HttpClient (.NET Standard 2.0)

  • Sugar.Web: Handy helpers when dealing with domain names, URLs and downloading (.NET Standard 2.0)

  • Sugar.Core: Basic classes used in Sugar.Moq (.NET Standard 2.0)

  • Sugar.Moq: Handy mocking context to help write using tests with the moq framework (.NET Standard 2.0)

  • Sugar.Test: Unit tests (nunit + moq) (.NET Framework 4.6.x)

  • Sugar.Test.Http: xUnit tests (.NET Core 2.0)

  • Sugar.Test.Integration: Integration test (.NET Framework 4.6.x)

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We started this project internally to centralise the code we kept re-using from project to project. If the bits we add have a dependency we try to put it in its own project / DLL (e.g. Sugar.Http depending on System.Net.Http).


Check the Sugar.Command project out if you're thinking need to create a command line tool. It will help you define different commands and then execute a given command.

public class ResetEvalDateCommand : BoundCommand<ResetEvalDateCommand.Options> 
    [Flag("reset", "eval-date")]
    public class Options
        [Parameter("eval-date", Default = "2001-01-01")]
        public DateTime Since { get; set; }
    public override int Execute(Options options)
        var exitCode = (int) ExitCode.Success;
        // TODO: Implement your command here
        return exitCode;

public class MyConsole : BaseConsole
    protected override int Main()
        var exitCode = Arguments.Count > 0 ? Run(Arguments) : Default();

        return exitCode;
    public int Run(Arguments arguments)
        var exitCode = (int)ExitCode.GeneralError;

            var commandType = new BoundCommandFactory().GetCommandType(parameters, () => GetType().Assembly.GetTypes()
                                                                                                  .Where(type => type.Namespace != null && type.Namespace.StartsWith("My.Namespace.Commands"))
                                                                                                  .Where(type => type.Name == "Options"));

            if (commandType != null)
                exitCode = Run(commandType, parameters);
                System.Console.WriteLine("Unknown command arguments: {0}", Arguments);

            return exitCode;
    public int Default()
        Console.WriteLine("Default output / help message");
        return (int) ExitCode.Nocommand;

public static class EntryPoint
    public static void Main(string[] args)
        var console = new MyConsole();
        var exitCode = console.Run(args);


A major part of this project consists in (mostly) chainable extension methods. They live in the namespace Sugar.Extensions.

The most usefull extensions methods are probably the string ones such as .StartsWith() or .SubstringAfterChar(). We've also created .Humanise() extensions methods for datetimes and timespans.


Enumeration listing all countries on Earth (ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code elements).

File Service

Wraps System.IO.File behind an interface to ease unit testing.


Represents a point on the surface of a sphere approximating the Earth. It contains a few methods that will compute (approximatively) the distance between two points on earth as well a give you a bouding box containing for a given radius around a point.

If you need precision and or performance, use a specialed library!


IBuilder implementation to help generating HTML fragments.


HttpService and its interface live in the Sugar.Web project. It wraps calls to .NET's HttpWebResponse with an interface that is easily mockable in a unit test.

We wrote this class before HttpClient was introduced in .NET 4.0 and are considering this project near it's end of life.


Checkout Sugar.Html if you're used to deal with HttpClient and you need to implement retry behaviours.


Helper class to retry a given action x times. If you need more flexibility checkout Polly.


Helper class to ouput text as a table in a console application


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

By submitting a pull request for this project, you agree to license your contribution under the MIT license to this project.

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