Created: 2011-07-11 15:58
Updated: 2013-12-23 06:59


A repository of Mac Scripts that I use on the various Macs in my home network.

  • Scripts
    • powerCheck
    • eraseOptical
    • startVMheadless (not yet released)
    • twitterDM (not yet released)
  • Installing
    • (not yet released)
  • To-do List



When coupled with a crontab entry, periodically checks the system's power sources for changes (e.g., AC Power to Battery/UPS Power) and sends an alert (if configured) or just logs to a logfile.

Should NOT be used with apcupsd. If you have an APC UPS, just use the USB cable provided. No need for apcupsd or PowerChute.

Note: This script does NOT provide autoshutdown functionality, only warning alerts via $alert_script !!!!


Erases an optical device from the commandline rather than using the Disk Utility GUI.

(I have several CD-RW that I use in my car, the one that can't play my iPod.)

startVMheadless (not yet released)

Starts a VirtualBox guest (headless) upon reboot of your Mac.

twitterDM (not yet released)

Sends a Twitter DM (possibly to yourself). Useful as an alerting mechanism. Makes use of


All installations go into $HOME/bin (currently). Some make use of $HOME/tmp (which is created if doesn't exist).

Usage: {eraseOptical|powerCheck}

To-do List

  • Perhaps add an option (-d|--destination ?) to allowing an alternate installation destination.
  • Perhaps add an option (-d|--delete or -u|--uninstall ?) to cleanly uninstall.
  • Perhaps add an option (-r|--replace ?) to allowing a re-install that replaces.

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