Created: 2011-07-11 15:42
Updated: 2019-02-08 17:49

Short tools related to the WebSphere WebServer Plug-in in WebSphere Application Server.


    With LogLevel "TRACE", Report on exceptional requests (slow, marked down, bad status code).


    With any LogLevel up-to-and-including "STATS", report cross-process statistics for affinity/non-affinity requests.


    With LogLevel "TRACE", Add up the chunks written by the plugin, you must filter the input to be a single request yourself.


    Grab 32-bit and 64-bit prerequisites on RHEL.


    Summarize Java Proxy logs usage of mem2mem partition tables

  • retrievesigner.jar

    This now has a new home (as certutil) at


    Shell script demonstrating how to generate plugin-cfg.xml over the Liberty restConnector (JMX over HTTP)

  • mpmstats_blame*.pl

    Basic/starter parsers of 'mpmext' logformat logs

  • new_install_root

    A short script that allows a driving z/OS system to relink an IHS instance/server/rw/config directory into a final path that may not exist yet.


    Dumps a KDB's CA contents in plain text so it can be searched or post-processed.


    Example/Sample script to drive IIM command line fix install/list/removal


    Example/Sample script to download/update IIM and install IHS/PlG/WCT v9

  • plugingen.war

    Example/Sample web module to generate plugin-cfg.xml without jconsole. Source and more info here:

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