Created: 2011-07-11 14:46
Updated: 2013-09-18 07:34
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Vidibus::GemTemplate Build Status

TODO: This is a template for developing Vidibus gems. Adjust this file so it describes your gem well.

TODO: This template includes a setup for Mongoid integration. If your gem does not need support for that, just remove all Mongoid parts.

This gem is part of Vidibus, an open source toolset for building distributed (video) applications.


TODO: This is the default installation note. Adjust it to your needs:

Add gem 'vidibus-gem_template' to the Gemfile of your application. Then call bundle install on your console.

To utilize this gem template, clone it into your new gem's directory by calling:

git clone --depth 1 vidibus-my_cool_gem
cd vidibus-my_cool_gem


TODO: Describe how your gem may be used.

# some code examples really help


To test your gem, call rspec spec on your console. To imitate the way Travis tests your gem, perform bundle exec rspec spec --format progress.


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