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Online Customer and Corporate Support.


What is is an online customer and corporate support system, allowing organisations both large and small to offer great support either to customers, associates, or other members of staff.

What Features does offer? offers great features such as

  • A central directory of organisation for users to find your support
  • A pre-configured, but highly customisable system, ready to go!
  • A single login for your users Use the same login for answering support questions to your organisation as for personal use.
  • Globalist design philosophy is designed to be used by anyone all over the world. As such, extra steps have been taken to allow for all type of cultural differences, through language, names, character encoding and more.
  • is completely FREE

Who is behind is written by Leo Adamek, currently it is part of a class project at Alton College but it is hoped that this project will be taken further and possibly made commercial.

Is available to the public? is currently in development, it is hoped to be made public once development is complete to the point where it is a viable system for commercial-grade support. In the meantime, stay tuned.

What is Written In? is written in PHP, utilising the CakePHP MVC Framework, CakePHP is Open-Source, you can find its source-code on github here.

Where can I find can be found here:

Credits to Third-Party Libraries

The following third party libraries were used in

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