Created: 2011-07-11 10:12
Updated: 2013-09-29 18:33


This is my attempt to solve the problems posted on Project Euler. I work on them whenever I have some spare time, so there is no real "release schedule". It also helps me improve my Python and Git skills.

You are free to open issues, submit bug fixes or even your own solutions. For my solutions, the naming convention is:

where XXX is the number of the problem (for example: 010 for problem 10). For solutions submitted by others, the naming convention is:

where JohnDoe is the submitter's name. I will accept a solution only if:

  • It is for a problem already solved by me;
  • It's in Python;
  • It's somehow better than my solution (or any other existing solution in this repository); of course, small fixes and modifications can be applied directly to my existing solutions.

Note that some auxiliary functions are kept in These functions are used for multiple other problems and I don't want to duplicate code; nobody wants.

Regarding the formatting of the code, I try to stick as close as possible to PEP 8.

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