Created: 2011-07-11 08:57
Updated: 2018-09-03 19:09

##Mongoose ported to Android

This is a port of Mongoose web server to Android. Runs only on rooted phones.

Currently it is a Cross-compiled executable with an interface to edit the command-line options for mongoose and to start/stop the web server.

The error log is stored in /data/local/downloads/ of your webserver.

To build the cross-compiled binary, refer to the BuildOnAndroid page.

For this Java project, the binary is placed in the res/raw folder and is copied to /data/local folder on the device when the program runs.


  • Provide an interface to the command line options
  • Currently stopping the server is a dirty hack with ps | grep mongoose and kill -9. But Java is a bitch and does not give me the process' id without delving into the command line stuff.
  • Current version executes a binary. A more elegant way would be to write JNI code with which Java can interact with directly.
  • Try for no-root.
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