Created: 2011-07-11 07:39
Updated: 2014-05-16 12:45


Ancja URLS

Simple link aggregator. Allows add own link into global list of links. Shows links in two forms: top 20 most popular links and top 20 most recent. Uses Twitter authorization for users. Allows share links on Twitter using "Twitter share button". Covered with RSpec unit tests and Selenium & Capybara automate UI tests.

Public web site http://ancja-urls.no-ip.info/.


  • Ruby 1.8.7
  • Rails 3.0.9
  • Unicorn 4.0.1
  • RSpec & Capybara


Checkout project from Github

cd ~
mkdir ancjaurls
cd ancjaurls
git clone git://github.com/robert-hromej/olesya-urls.git

[Optional] If you are using RVM you can create gemset for project

rvm use --create 1.8.7@ancjaurls

Install gems

bundle install

Setup configuration

cp config/templates/database.yml config/

Set MySQL user & password in config/database.yml

Start server

rails s

If you want to use Unicorn server, you can use config/templates/unicorn.rb config file.


To run rspec and selenium tests

rake spec:controllers -- functional tests
rake spec:models -- unit tests
rake spec:requests -- integration tests
rake spec -- all tests
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