Created: 2011-07-11 07:14
Updated: 2016-03-22 03:45

Boyerplate is a simple starting point for new web projects.


Local Development

To get started, navigate to the directory you clone this repository in and run:

bundle install
bower install

This will install all ruby dependencies as well as install Koi for a SCSS base.

When you're developing locally type:

middleman server

You can now browse to http://localhost:4567. I've included the LiveReload plugin for Middleman so your browser is always watching for changes. This can be anything in your templates or your SCSS.

Build Static Files

To build and compile your static files:

middleman build

Compiled files are now in /build/


One of the nice things about using a rack app like Middleman when developing a static site, is it's easily deployed to Heroku for a quick staging site.

Assuming you have a Heroku account setup and Heroku Toolbelt installed you should be able to simply run:

heroku create SITENAME
git add -u
git commit -m "Your commit message here"
git push heroku master
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