Created: 2011-07-11 01:33
Updated: 2017-04-30 07:34
License: mit

presentr: jQuery Plugin for Presentations


presentr is jQuery plugin designed to let you make a presentation in the browser fast.

Live demo with usage info, also check out included index.html.

Start using it! Grab or fork it from here, or contact me (here on GitHub, Twitter, my site) if you have any feedback!


Include presentr in your head

    <script type='text/javascript' src='js/jquery.presentr.min.js'></script>

Create a jQuery object with the class of the slides and call the presentr method, passing in any (non-required) options:

$(function()    {
        speed: 500,
        pageDisplay: $('#slideinfo'),
        hashJump: true,
        hashPrefix: 'slide'


  • speed: Speed in ms of slide changes (default: 1000)
  • pageDisplay: Set this to the jQuery collection you'd like to update with frame info (default: null)
  • hashJump: If you want the slides to update the URL and able to be linked to and snap (default: true)
  • hashPrefix: String that proceeds the slide in the hash (default: 'slide')
  • slideFunctions: Object that stores information on functions to be called during slide enter, exit, and during slides. More info in features.
  • onSlide: Callback function on slide change (default: noop)
  • onSubslide: Callback function on subslide change (default: noop)
  • slideFunctions: Object containing enter, exit and subslide functions. (default: {})
    slideFunctions: {
        '4': {
            enter: function() { $('.slide4elements').hide(); },
            subslides: [
                function() { $('#bulletPoint1').fadeIn(); },                              
                function() { $('#bulletPoint2').fadeIn(); },                              
                function() { $('#bulletPoint3').fadeIn(); },                              
                function() { $('#codeSnippet').fadeIn(); }
            exit: function() { $('.slide4elements').hide(); }
        '7': {
            enter: DEMOS.trig.start,
            exit: DEMOS.trig.stop


  • slide.presentr: This event is triggered on slide change
    $('#slides').bind('slide.presentr', function(e, slide, direction) {
  • subslide.presentr: This event is triggered on subslide change
    $('#slides').bind('subslide.presentr', function(e, slide) {


  • Page Display: Specifying a pageDisplay jQuery object replaces the HTML of that object with the current slide number out of the total number of slides. Check out the demo and see the big pink box in the upper right?
  • Slide Jump: Setting hashJump to true will update the URL with a hash on every slide event. The prefix can be changed by setting hashPrefix to the string you'd like to use. Copy and pasting the URL with the hash will jump right to the slide.
  • Slide Functions: slideFunctions is an object with slide numbers as its keys and objects with three available methods as its value: enter, exit, and subslides. enter and exit accepts a function to be called when entering or exiting a slide, respectively, while subslides is an array of functions to be called sequentially when progressing through an individual slide. In the demo, slide 4 has four elements fading in, and hidden on enter and exit. Slide 7 starts the trig demo upon enter, and stops it upon exit.


  • Tested in jQuery 1.2.3 - 1.6.2
  • Works in legit browsers. Even non-legit browsers like IE7. Does not work in IE6. The JS works as far as I know, but if anyone wants to fuck with the animate CSS, fork the shit out of this.


The MIT License, Copyright © 2011 Jordan Santell -- Collab, progress, victory

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