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Updated: 2016-03-18 08:24
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Install node.js and npm

  • Consult package.json to determine the required version of node.js and proceed with (A) or (B)

** (A) Install nvm from https://github.com/creationix/nvm and execute

     VERSION=v`fgrep '"node"' package.json | cut -d\" -f4`
     nvm install $VERSION
     nvm use $VERSION

** (B) Install node.js manually, following the steps described at https://github.com/joyent/node/wiki/Installation and install npm by executing curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh

Install required node.js dependencies

  • Install redis (>= 2.2.12) from http://redis.io/download
  • Execute npm install. This will install a bunch of modules as required by package.json, including jade, socket.io, coffee, mocha, etc.

If you are not using nvm, you may have to add node_modules/.bin to your PATH and node_modules to your NODE_PATH in order for the modules and their executables to be available.

Install bower and required brower components

  • Just for this step, install and use a second node.js with a version >= 0.8 via

    nvm install v0.8.12 nvm use v0.8.12

  • Install bower

    npm -g install bower

  • Install bower components

    bower install

  • Switch back to the regular node.js via nvm use $VERSION

  • Install additional commandline tools

    npm install -g less jshint recess uglify-js

Compile coffeescript files

  • Run npm run-script build

Setup alternative name list in redis

Prepare the connectors you want to use

  • Edit src/connectors/index.coffee to enable specific connectors. Consult comments in each connector's top-level source file for advice on how to set them up properly. For some connectors, this is explained below


Execute node_modules/.bin/node.io lib/connectors/deinbus.js


  • Get PTS
  • Edit ConnectionController.java and LocationController.java to set the PTE NetworkProvider that should be used
  • Build PTS
  • Run PTS by executing in service: mvn org.codehaus.cargo:cargo-maven2-plugin:run (you can change the port via -Dcargo.servlet.port=<port>)
  • Edit connectors/pts.coffee to match your setup

Run Tests

Run npm run-script test to execute all tests (requires running production redis).

Edit test/active-tests.js to enable what gets tested (especially which connectors you want to test, note that this may require connector preparation as described before).

Setup and run ride2go service

  • [OPTIONAL] Check RDS.coffee for the list of active conncectors

  • Run

    npm run-script build npm run-script start

  • Connect with your favorite http client that is not called Internet Explorer to localhost port 3000


  • We recommend you to

    npm install -g node-inspector npm install -g forever npm install -g codo npm install -g handlebars

  • Awhile back, we used pivotaltracker at https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/130935 for planning of next steps (use [fixes #storyid] in commit messages if you want to refer to it)

Building coffeescript api docs

Run npm run-script doc and open the resulting documentation by pointing your browser to doc/api/index.html

Enabling swagger support

  • Run cake dist in components/swagger-ui (requires globally installed handlebars)
  • Load swagger from components/swagger-ui/dist/index.html and point it to http://localhost:3000/api/resources.json (make this value the default by manually editing index.html)

Debugging using node-inspector

Let's say you need to debug a mocha test

  • First, add a debugger; statement wherever you need a breakpoint

  • Second, run node-inspector (perhaps using forever $(which node-inspector) to avoid restarting the inspector)

  • Third, run mocha using

    cake build && cake -M --debug-brk -M -t -M 2000000 test

    This halts on the first line and bumps up all mocha timeouts towards infinity

  • Fourth, point a webkit-based browser to the url given by node-inspector

  • Fifth, hit 'continue' in the debugger

  • Finally the debugger should arrive at your first breakpoint. Refresh the browser window in oder for your actual javascript code to be available and start debugging.

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