Created: 2011-07-10 22:02
Updated: 2016-11-06 14:57

This code is deprecated.

The newest revision of this code is available as SMKLastFMClient, part of SNRMusicKit, an all in one framework for building content rich music apps for OS X and iOS.

The code in this repository will not be maintained going forward and shouldn't be used.

SNRLastFMEngine: A modern block-based Objective-C interface to the API

SNRLastFMEngine is designed with the intent of making it a simple to integrate the API into your iOS or OS X application. It uses modern block-based callbacks to allow you to call API methods and handle the response within that same chunk of code.

Adding SNRLastFMEngine to your project

  1. Link against Security.framework. If you are compiling for OS X 10.7, you may also need to link against libCommonCrypto.dylib
  2. Add the required dependencies (JSONKit and INKeychainAccess, see below)
  3. Set the API key and API secret in SNRLastFMEngine.h according to your API account info
  4. Add the SNRLastFMEngine class and away!

Read on for more information on authentication and actually using the API.


  • JSONKit - Used for speedy JSON parsing of API requests.
  • INKeychainAccess - Objective-C interface to the Mac OS X/iOS keychain that is used to store credentials.

Both of these have been added to the project as git submodules. You can automatically clone the repositories for use with the project by running git submodule init and then git submodule update.

Authenticating with provides three possible authentication methods. Ironically, the "web application" authentication method is the most convenient and easy to implement in a desktop application. That said, doesn't condone the use of the web app authentication method for desktop apps, so use at your own discretion. Mobile authentication is the simplest out of the three as it allows you to bypass the process of retrieving an authentication token and allows you to get a session key immediately. Authentication isn't required for all API calls. The API docs detail which methods require authentication.

Web Authentication Method (demonstrated in example app, Mac)

  1. Register a custom URL handler for your app
  2. Call SNRLastFMEngine's +webAuthenticationURLWithCallbackURL using application's custom handler URL (e.g. x-com-yourapp://auth) and open the returned URL in a WebView or web browser
  3. In your URL handler method, parse the URL string and retrieve the token (e.g. format: x-com-yourapp://auth/?token=xxxxxxxxxx)
  4. Call -retrieveAndStoreSessionKeyWithToken:completionHandler: to authorize the engine. In the completion block, store the returned username in your application preferences.

Desktop Authentication Method (Mac)

  1. Fetch a request token from using SNRLastFMEngine's -retrieveAuthenticationToken: method
  2. Call +authenticationURLWithToken: to retrieve an authentication URL
  3. Open this URL in either a WebView or in the user's web browser, which will then prompt them to allow your application to access their account
  4. Call -retrieveAndStoreSessionKeyWithToken:completionHandler: to authorize the engine. In the completion block, store the returned username in your application preferences.

Mobile Authentication Method (iOS)

  1. Call SNRLastFMEngine's -retrieveAndStoreSessionKeyWithUsername:password:completionHandler with the user's credentials to authorize the engine. Upon successful authentication, store the username in your application preferences.

After authentication, you are now ready to make authenticated API calls. For subsequent launches of your app, you can just set the username property to the username returned during the authentication process and SNRLastFMEngine will automatically read the session key from the keychain and configure itself for use.

Example Usage (making API calls)

album.getInfo (GET)

NSDictionary *parameters = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@"Phobia", @"album", @"Breaking Benjamin", @"artist", nil];
[_lastFMEngine callMethod:@"album.getInfo" withParameters:parameters requireAuth:NO HTTPMethod:SNRHTTPMethodGET completionBlock:^(NSDictionary *response, NSError *error) {
    NSLog(@"%@", response);

library.addArtist (POST)

NSDictionary *parameters = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@"Disturbed", @"artist", nil];
[_lastFMEngine callMethod:@"library.addArtist" withParameters:parameters requireAuth:YES HTTPMethod:SNRHTTPMethodPOST completionBlock:^(NSDictionary *response, NSError *error) {
    NSLog(@"%@", response);

By default, HTTP requests are made on the global dispatch queue. However, if you want to use your own queue you can set the dispatchQueue property.

Convenience Methods

I've included a few convenience methods (namely for scrobbling) that simplify the process by letting you include the parameters in the method signature. I added these because I'm using them in my own apps, and will continue to add more convenience methods as I start to use them. Ideally, the engine should have corresponding methods for every method in the API.

Example: Scrobbling

[_lastFMEngine scrobbleTrackWithName:@"Numb" album:@"Meteora" artist:@"Linkin Park" albumArtist:@"Linkin Park" trackNumber:13 duration:225 timestamp:[[NSDate date] timeIntervalSince1970] completionHandler:^(NSDictionary *scrobbles, NSError *error) {
    NSLog(@"%@", scrobbles);

Example App

I've included an example app with the project that demonstrates the following:

  • Registering and handling a custom URL handler
  • Authenticating with the API using the web authentication method
  • Retrieving the currently playing iTunes track via ScriptingBridge and scrobbling it to

iOS Compatibility

This project is being used exclusively on the Mac right now, so it hasn't been tested at all on iOS. SNRLastFMEngine itself doesn't use anything that isn't available on iOS and therefore should work, but do extensive testing before using SNRLastFMEngine in your iOS project. There is also currently no example application for iOS. I hope to add one soon.


As always, I greatly appreciate any bug fixes, improvements, etc. One of the largest ways to contribute to this project would be to implement convenience methods for the rest of the API calls. Please send me a pull request if you have anything to contribute.

Who am I?

I'm Indragie Karunaratne, a 16 year old Mac OS X and iOS Developer from Edmonton AB, Canada. Visit my website to check out my work, or to get in touch with me. (follow me on Twitter!)


SNRLastFMEngine is licensed under the BSD license.

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