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A powerful iOS 5.0 Notification Center Widget

by Manuel Gebele

email: forensixs (at) gmx (dot) de

twitter: @manuelgebele


What is that?

BBSettings is a wee app (widget) for the iOS 5 Notification Center (aka Bulletin Board).


Featured Apps

You can easely configure which are your most used apps.

Running Apps

Shows you all current running apps.

System Info

Shows you various device informations:

  • Disk usage (Used; Free; Total Disk Space)

  • Memory usage (Active; Inactive; Wired; Free; Total Memory)

  • Mem Free (allows you to free up your memory)

  • CPU usage (User; System; Idle; Avg Load)

  • Wi-Fi Stats (RSSI; IP; SSID; HW; BSSID; Channel; Hidden State; WPA/WEP; Packets sent/rcvd)

  • Cellular Data Stats (RSSI; IP; Carrier Name; Country Code; Number of Incoming/Outgoing Calls; Call Time; Packets Sent/Rcvd)

  • Processes (PID; CMD; Priority; Runtime; State; Total Number of Running Processes)

  • General (Percentage Battery Level; Charging/Discharging; OS Info; Device Info; Hardware Capabilities)


Simply activate or deactivate some most used features.

  • Flashlight

  • App Killer

  • Respring

  • Cellular Data

  • 3G

  • Wi-Fi

  • Airplane

  • Bluetooth

  • Rotation Lock

  • Mute


Configure your most used Apps. Control your volume and display brightness. Fake your operator.


Version 2.1-13

  • iOS 5 Beta 6 Compatibility

Version 2.1-4

  • Fixed status bar freezing

Version 2.1

  • Some Minor Fixes

Version 2.0

  • Disk Usage
  • Mem Usage
  • Mem Free
  • CPU Usage
  • Wi-Fi State
  • Cellular Data State
  • Processes
  • General Info
  • Performance Improvements
  • UI Improvements
  • Widget Icon
  • iPod Fix

Version 1.4

  • 3G Toggle
  • Mobile Data Toggle
  • Fake Operator
  • Settings UI update
  • Minor fixes

Version 1.2

  • Respring Toggle
  • Tether Toggle
  • Battery percentage
  • Volume Control
  • Brightness control

Version 0.2

  • Minor fixes

More coming soon…


  • Jailbroken iDevice (iOS 5)
  • Mobile Substrate


Just load the .deb file and install it via dpkg or iFile.


The easiest way to install BBSettings is to add one of the following repos to your Cydia sources:


  • Anton Pauli (UI Design)
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