Created: 2011-07-10 15:48
Updated: 2014-04-04 08:16


pam-phy-token is a PAM module which checks the presence of a physical token to allow or deny authentication. The physical token is any volume which can be mounted and accessed through the filesystem syscalls, such as an USB stick.


First obtain the source code.

git clone git://
cd pam-phy-token

Build and install the pam module and a helper binary

make && sudo make install

Setting up a physical token

Now you need to set up a volume you'd like to use as the physical token. The helper pam-phy-token can be used to list all volumes currently attached to the system.

pam-phy-token list

Pick one volume which you want to use to store the token. Initialize the volume, this will create a small file in a hidden directory. This file is used to verify the authenticity of the physical token.

pam-phy-token sync <uuid>

Configuring PAM

Now you need to configure PAM to use the pam-phy-token module. You can configure PAM to require either a physical token or a password, or to require both. The later is essentially a two-factor authentication.

The other question you have to ask yourself is in which services to enable the physical token. You can enable it for all services, or only for local logins, or even only for certain applications.

To fully explain how PAM works is outside of the scope of this document. I'll just provide some examples with the most useful configurations.


Require either a physical token or a password:

auth    sufficient
auth    required

Require both and fail immediately if the physical token is not present:

auth    requisite
auth    required


  • My original idea was to be able to set up multiple independent tokens. And while the PAM module can handle multiple tokens, the binary helper can only set up one at a time.


  • pam_usb was a great inspiration. The main difference is that pam-phy-token doesn't depend on any external services to enumerate or mount the volumes (hal, dbus).


Tomas "wereHamster" Carnecky

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