Created: 2011-07-10 15:14
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Pwkeeper stores your passwords, encrypted with AES. You only have to remember the 256-bit (= 32 chars) long key for decryption.

The idea is that you never have to remember your passwords (other than the one used for this app). That way, your passwords can:

  • Use completely random letters and numbers
  • Be very very long
  • Never be re-used

The backside is that you can't access your services if you don't have access to the password database (e.g. you're at a friends house and want to check your mail). Maybe a phone app should be made?


Yes, this has been done before. I just wrote it because I wanted to learn to create it, and I wanted a password manager i could trust completely (or blame myself for when it failed).


It is written purely in Scala and depends only on Jerkson for JSON-generating and -parsing. It is managed with SBT.

Note: It now also depends on the 'sh' shell and a python installation (i.e. it calls 'python -m json.tool') for json prettifying.


The app is run from a terminal. Just put the pw script in /usr/local/bin and call it whenever you need it.

Then you run pw from whereever, with one of these arguments:

  • add - Add a new password to data
  • search - Decrypts data to memory, lets you search for a password and store it in xclipboard.
  • edit - Decrypts data and saves it to tmp for editing.
  • save - Encrypts tmp, saves it to data, and deletes tmp.
  • generate - Generates a random password using [a-zA-Z0-9] and default length
  • generate <len> - As above with specific length


  • data is the encrypted file, tmp is a temporary decrypted plaintext file (with JSON data).
  • You need Scala installed.
  • Since you don't use fish, you might have to modify the pw script a bit for your shell.

Passwords have the following structure:

(usage: String, values: List[String])

Usage is a short text showing where you use the password, which you also can search for. Values is a list of all the passwords for that usage.

Soo.. Java on the console, eh?

Yeah, it wasn't easy to get right, and there's still stuff that isn't exactly how I want it.

Known issues:

  • Searches only handle ASCII chars. I've hardcoded handling of [æøåÆØÅ] since I'm norwegian and use those a lot.
  • When using pw add and entering data, escape sequences (backspace, arrows etc.) aren't supported.
  • There should be more built-in functionality to edit the password list (renames, add/remove password, ++) so that using pw edit can be avoided.
  • I'm sure there's more I forgot.
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