Created: 2011-07-10 13:35
Updated: 2014-03-02 01:22
License: gpl-2.0



A useless-but-fun Doom level to Minecraft automatic converter.

See E1M1: Hangar for an example of the result.


  • Render floor, ceiling, walls and so on
  • Generate standard minecraft .schematic
  • If pasted with the WorldEdit minecraft plugin, the player will automatically be at player 1 start for a better experience :)
  • Sector with visible sky are using minecraft sky
  • Doors are rendered in open state as much as possible
  • All textures and flats are rendered using wool blocks using as much as possible the closest color to the texture. Given minecraft granularity, it's not always visible, but slime will be properly green, water blue and so on.
  • Lighting more or less based on doom sectors light levels, but lighting model are too different between the games.
  • Should be able to render any Doom/Doom2/Ultimate doom levels and probably more with tiny adjustements.

Basic usage:

  • First you need to install it. Given that it needs the NBT library and python colormap, something along those lines should do the trick:

     wget 'http://bitbucket.org/ianb/virtualenv/raw/tip/virtualenv.py'
     python virtualenv.py --distribute env
     source env/bin/activate
     python setup.py develop

    It basically creates a python virtual environment where dependencies can be easily installed.

  • You need to generate extra data about level geometry with glbsp:

     glbsp -v5 doom.wad

    glbsp produces geometry data suitable for opengl, such as convex subsectors with segments in clockwise order, which is useful for wadcraft too.

  • Then you can run it with the main iwad:

     wadcraft --iwad doom.wad --level E1M1
  • That will generate a level.schematic file, that you can load into minecraft with various world editors. With WorldEdit, an in-game editor, you just need to move the schematic file in the right place, and then:

     //load level

    By default, Wadcraft generates WorldEdit "paste" offsets in the schematic, so when pasting it you will be directly on player 1 start.

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