Created: 2011-07-10 13:01
Updated: 2017-07-06 12:51

#PersonalChest - Bukkit Plugin for Player Bound Chests


  • Admin creates a chest and places 2 dirt inside
  • Admin registers the chest as a personal chest with "/pchest create" (while standing in front of the chest).
  • Player 1 walks to the chest, opens it and removes 1 dirt. There remains 1 dirt in the chest for Player 1.
  • Player 2 walks to the chest, opens it, sees the original 2 dirt and removes them both.
  • Player 1 would still see the 1 dirt they left.
  • Player 3 would see the original 2 dirt.


  • Treasure Chest like capabilities.
  • One chest different inventories for each player.
  • Entire world auto create PersonalChests.
  • Region Based PersonalChest (WorldGuard and/or Residence).
  • Large chest support.
  • Anti creeper and grief support.


  • /pchest create Create a PersonalChest from the chest you are standing in front of.
  • /pchest remove Unregister the PersonalChest you are standing in front of.
  • /pchest info Determine if the chest you are in front of is registered as a PersonalChest


  • pchest.edit Allows the player to create or remove a PersonalChest (defaults to op)
  • Allows the player to open a PersonalChest (defaults to true)

##Config: Debug: false Worlds: world1,world2,world3 ResidenceRegions: world4.region1, world4.region2 WorldGuardRegions: world1.region1

Debug: When enabled logs additional debug information Worlds: Worlds where all chests will default to being a PersonalChest when opened. This is useful when your world is a custom world with chests and inventory in it. Regions: Invert the 'default' PersonalChest status for this region. If the region is on a 'normal world' then chests will default to being a PersoanlChest when opened. If the world is listed as a 'PersonalChest world' then the chests in this region will default to being 'normal' chests.

Description for above 'sample' configuration:

  • Debug is not enabled
  • world1, world2 and worlds3 will all automatically register personal chests.
  • world4 does not automatically register chests.
  • region1 of world1 cancels the automatic registration.
  • region1 and region2 of world4 enable automatic registration.

##Links: Source is on GitHub

Plugin is available on BukkitDev

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