Created: 2011-07-10 12:02
Updated: 2017-07-05 15:30



  • Adjust API token in src/main/ressources/config.properties
  • Compile the application with mvn clean install
  • start the application with mvn jetty:run


Import Data

Import profiles manually

Import profiles via csv

Import profiles via API

  • there is an API call that is described on the front page
  • there is also an example in src/test/java/at/ac/tuwien/ExternalImporter.java taht uses this API

Import templates

Generate templates

Execute templates

  • copy the downloaded file (Generator.java) into the tests folder of the selenium runner and execute the run.sh

Gather information about people

  • there is a rudimentary profile search implemented under http://localhost:8080/wicket/bookmarkable/at.ac.tuwien.ProfileFinder
  • in order to use it, you have to insert a facebook access token, that can be found at the end of URL for a sample call of the Graph API
  • you can enter either names of stored users or individuals;
  • the functionality of the profile finder changes, as the major social networks change or restrict their api
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