Created: 2011-07-10 10:17
Updated: 2017-06-30 20:45

socialhapy, the social developer irc bot

This IRC bot features a few useful modules and features that can help developers in discussions, references etc. It'll pick up on URLs to github commits, look up tweets and/or stream tweets to specific channels. It also sports a spotify module that automatically picks up on spotify URIs and lets everyone know what artist, track or album that was linked.

How to get started

This project expects version 0.6.0+ of node.js, but it'll probably work with lower versions if you fix the node_modules reference.

  1. Go into your Terminal application and do git clone
  2. cd socialhapy and run npm install to pull in all dependencies
  3. Edit the config.example.js file to your liking, and save it as config.js
  4. Run socialhapy by either running it with node socialhapy.js or by the recommended way, with forever

Create your own socialhapy module

socialhapy has its own module system that leverages the require system but demands that an API is returned with at least a register method in it, it's also required that you add the module in config.js, see other entries under the modules object.


There's not much but refactoring on the roadmap right now, but I'm happy to merge in any optimizations/useful socialhapy modules that I see fit, just send a pull request.

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