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Padre-Brew and Packaging Padre

padre-brew is a package for creating self-contained Padre directories, and also packaging them into distributions.

padre-brew consists of two parts, a, and a cava pacager project.

This readme is also the instructions for building Padre distributions using cava.

Current Versions

These instructions will currently create packages using:

  • Padre: Latest in CPAN - 0.86
  • Perl OSX: Default padre-brew pulls 5.14.1 32bit (should work with other 32bit)
  • Perl Other Platforms: Not yet tested
  • Cava: Latest stable - 2.0.60 (should work with future 2.0 versions)
  • Current modules automatically added by
    • Wx::Scintilla
    • Please open a bug to request your favorite module be added!


Currently only working on OSX, you can use bin/ to get a PadreApp directory that contains a complete perl + padre + cpanm which can be used to add more modules. You can run this padre directly, or use it as a base for packaging.


Cava Packager is a perl packager that can be used to package Padre on multiple operating systems.

The foundation of this work and the heavy lifting was done by Mark @ Cava.


These instructions are currently only tested on OSX. This document will change as needed to address other platforms.

Getting a Padre & Perl to Package

If you already have Padre running on your system, you could choose to package that padre. However, the instructions in this README assume you are using a base set up by the padre-brew script.

Use the ./bin/ script to create a sandboxed Padre. ./bin/ -v --no-test will build a PadreApp directory with the latest Padre, latest stable Wx, and a perl 5.14.1 perl. Check the script for more options.

Common Changes

You can include more modules in your Padre sandbox by using the sandboxed cpanm ./PadreApp/bin/cpanm. See the Optional Changes - Modules sections to see how to add these modules to a Padre package.

Getting Cava

  • Cava is hosted here:
  • You will need to create an account before you can download Cava.
  • Also, you will have to obtain and install a non-commercial or commercial license key.
  • You will be prompted to install your license key the first time you try to open a project in Cava.

Padre Build Resources

A cava project for Padre is found in this repository at ./cava/project/cava20.cpkgproj

Cava First Time Setup

A number of Cava options cannot currently be automated, and must be manually set by a builder the first time they use the cava padre package.

  • Open the ./cava/project/cava20.cpkgproj project in Cava

    • You may get a warning about missing scripts
    • You may be prompted to install your license key
  • Install the license key

    • via Tools -menu-> Import Application Keys
  • Set the external patch binary:

    • Open Preferences -tab-> Application Defaults
    • Set External Patch to a reasonable patch. You can use ./bin/usr_bin_patch which is symlinked to /usr/bin/patch for your convenience
  • Set the scripts directory

    • In the package view select Padre/Scripts
    • Click the edit (Pencil) at the top right and choose ./cava/scripts
    • On success, you will be prompted that both and have been located
  • Import Padre-specific build rules

    • Select Tools -menu-> Import Module Rules
    • Select ./cava/rule/project.cavarule
    • Import all rules (currently 3)
  • Set the perl binary to package with Padre

    • In the package view select Padre -tab-> Perl
    • Change the executable from /usr/bin/perl to another perl if needed
    • If you used, you can select ./PadreApp/perl5/perls/perl5.14.1/bin/perl
    • Approve the re-scan request
    • Note: If you get a warning informing you that Cava::Packager utils need updating, click the Update button in the perl information window that appears behind the warning. This will install the utils into the selected perl.
  • Set the icons for the package

    • In the package view select Padre -tab-> Bundle Info
    • Click the button to the right of the bundle icon and Add the ./cava/images/padre.icns
    • Remove the cavaauto-default.icns if it exists in the list
    • Highlight the padre.icns entry and click Select
  • Set the version number

    • In the package view select Padre -tab->Project Details and change the major/minor version.

Optional Changes - Add Modules

At times you may want to include more modules into your Padre package.

  • You must first install modules into the INC path of your perl.

    • If you are using you can add new modules by: ./PadreApp/bin/cpanm <module>
  • Cava includes by default:

    • If your module is under the Padre:: namespace it will be included into any package by default. No more changes are needed.
    • If your module is clearly depended on (use, require) by a module that will be packaged by Cava, it will also be included. So if your Plugin uses modules, they will be included.
  • For modules not automatically detected, you must add them to the Padre module rules

    • In the project view select Global Module Rules/Padre -tab-> Main Options
    • Under Extra Includes and Files, select the Modules tab
    • Add your module here
  • If you need to add other files, such as pod, you can use the other tabs in Extra Includes and Files

Optional Changes - Preferences Directory

If you are packaging Padre for testing, you may want to change the preferences directory so you do not clobber your personal Padre.

  • In the project view select Global Module Rules/Padre -tab-> Code Stub
  • Uncomment the PADRE_HOME line and set your desired testing PADRE_HOME

Building The Package

Select Project -menu-> Scan and Build.

Your package and installer will be in ./cava/project/release and ./cava/project/installer.


You can have a packaged padre redirect all STDOUT and STDERR, as well as module load info, to a new terminal.

  • In the project view select Padre/Diagnostics and Test, open
  • Select Output Cava Loader Diagnostic Information, and click Ok
  • Currently, there is no way to attach a debugger to Padre


Coming soonish!

More Information

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