Created: 2011-07-09 23:06
Updated: 2014-01-08 02:07

Niceify plays music mentioned on the pages you visit in real time through Spotify.

Right now we support iTunes links, Spotify links (both http: and spotify:), and user selected text.

We have limited support for incidental mentions on a page and are experimenting with other media types.

This software is considered to be experimental and is provided without a warrantee of any kind. Use at your own risk. Apollic Software, LLC is not liable for any damage or injury that may result from use.

Apollic Software, LLC is unaffiliated with Spotify, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, or any other content providers.

Version 0.0.1

This is a VERY early alpha.

You'll need your own Developer Certificate from Apple (, free) to install from source.

Otherwise, get the bundle at

We're working on the algorithm that scrapes pages for possible mentions (and is responsible for most of the errors right now).

Chrome and Firefox versions coming soon.

Long term goals include supporting other media types (Netflix, Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Hulu), searching local and cloud-based libraries, and building more integrated support into a stand-alone browser/app.



  • Add Tent 0.4 support ( with full query capability
  • Add compliant schema wiht semantic URIs
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