Created: 2011-07-09 21:43
Updated: 2019-01-25 21:01


SVED is a Vim plugin enabling synctex synchronization support for Vim and Evince through DBus. Vim/gVim and Neovim are supported


SVED requires Neovim or Vim 8 (for asynchronous job support) or later, Evince version 3.0 or later and the python3 command available in your PATH. Vim does not need to be compiled with python support.


Pathogen Install

Do: git clone ~/.vim/bundle/ and create a binding to do forward synchronization: nmap <F4> :call SVED_Sync()<CR>

Manual Install

Place both files of the plugin in ~/.vim/ftplugin/ and create a binding to do forward synchronization: nmap <F4> :call SVED_Sync()<CR>

Forward Synchronization

The plugin searches for a file called *.latexmain (like vim-latex-suite) or *.synctex.gz in order to do forward synchronization. If your main file of the latex project is called main.tex, you can create an empty file called main.tex.latexmain and the script will use this to find the main pdf. Compile the project with: pdflatex --synctex=1 main.tex Then forward synchronization should work.

Backward Synchronization

When you have a tex file open in Vim, ctrl-click in the Evince pdf and Vim will jump to the corresponding point. Vim will also jump to files you do not currently have open.

Older Vim installations

The plugin requires Vim 8 or later because it makes use of the asynchronous job feature introduced in Vim 8 to do backward synchronization. If you are using an older version of Vim, check out the version 1.0 release here on Github, which supports older versions of Vim, but does only work with gVim (not console Vim), because it needs the GTK loop of gVim to catch the bacward sunchronization signal from DBus.

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