Created: 2011-07-09 19:27
Updated: 2015-03-12 00:22
License: mit

A very simple, extensible IRC bot.

Simple usage

  • Adding a command

    Write a callable in commands/<command_name>.py and add <command_name> to command_modules in commands/ This callable will get called when a user requests your command.

    The command name, callable and aliases should be declared in a global variable called command_description in commands/<command_name>.py. It should be an iterable of tuples (command name, callable, aliases), where aliases is an iterable of aliases.

    Thus in the common case in which your file defines a single command, a declaration like:

    command_description = [("foo", foobar, ("bar", "baz"))]

    suffices to declare a command "foo", with aliases "bar" and "baz". That is, the callable foobar gets called when a user issues either !foo, !bar or !baz.

    The callable receives as argument the EC09Bot instance. If any other words were passed in the command invocation, they are passed as additional arguments to the callable (EC09Bot will handle the exception when a wrong number of arguments are provided, so only make the callable accept *args if you really need that).

    If the callable's return value is not None, it is sent back as a hightlighted message to the calling user.

    The nick of the user that invoked the command will be available as the 'sendernick' attribute of the EC09Bot instance passed to the command. The raw message can be accessed in the 'raw_message' attribute, in the off-chance that you might need that.

    A special case for this is adding a fortune command (that is, a command that returns a fortune cookie). These are all defined in commands/, just add your command there and it will show up among the other commands.

  • Removing a command

    Simply remove the command module's name from command_modules in commands/

    Fortune commands are once again an exception. Remove the command from commands/ in order to disable it.

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