Created: 2011-07-09 18:58
Updated: 2019-01-25 13:15

A client for Jekyll

This is a handy client for people that use the static-site generator jekyll.

How to install

  1. Make sure you have the json and domainatrix gems installed.
  2. Download the embedly.rb file and place it in the _plugins/ inside your Jekyll project directory.
  3. Go to the site, register an account and get your API key.
  4. Add your site address to the referrer section e.g. '*' or '*'
  5. Edit your _config.yml as described below.
  6. Make use of the new embedly-Liquid tag somewhere on your site.
    E.g. {% embedly %}
  7. Compile your site.

Please not that github-pages does not allow the use of plugins, if you want to make use of this plugin, you have to compile your site yourself.

How to set up the _config.yml

First, pass in your newly acquired API key like so:

  api_key: abcdefg123456780cafebabe101cat44

You can further customize your embeds adding host-specific parameters.

  api_key: abcdefg123456780cafebabe101cat44

    color: 0066FF # SoundCloud specific parameter for colorful players
    width: 500px

    width: 500px

You can also pass along parameters to individual embeds, e.g.

{% embedly, color: 00FFFF %}
# Linebreaks are currently not supported :-/

For a list of supported parameters, please have a look at’s documentation as well as the documentation for the oEmbed implementation of the specific hosts.

Provider specific parameters are currently not working properly across the board. Please let me know what works and what doesn't.

Style your embeds

Your embed will be wrapped inside a div-tag that has classes matching the embeds type, provider as well as the generic embed.


{% embedly %}

will result in

<div class="embed rich soundcloud">
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