Created: 2011-07-09 15:23
Updated: 2015-09-13 18:45

Zed is a utility made to help manage environment configuration during deployment and afterwards.


  1. The purpose is to have Zed track a certain deployment directory on a server, manage environment configuration settings, automatically locate and verify dependencies.
  2. In the world of .net, for example, the following will be initially included :
  • Database connectionstrings
  • Msmq queues
  • Urls of WCF Endpoints and/or other api datapoints (...more with plugins/configuration/next versions)
  1. Thoughts of Additional dependencies
  • Dlls/runtimes
  • IIS version compatibility
  • Socket/port binds usage

Initial Goals

  • Automatic mapping of projects, their dependencies and relationships using zero-configuration scanning of the deployment directory.
  • Setup of initial dependency store and comparison to store on each deployment to detect new dependencies
  • UI display of projects graph
  • Centralized and per project views of configured dependencies (see 2.)

Thoughts of features

  • Tray icon alerting unknown/new dependencies deployed (rescan on directoryChange events)
  • One click deploy of service - Zed could provide dependency verification, in addition to queue creation, service or IIS site installation (autodetect framework version according to config)
  • process watchdog -> notifications / nagios integration
  • web UI
  • custom actions on component types (example : toggle WCF tracing on dot net config file)

Need help with

  • Creating a website for the project
  • everything in "Thoughts of features"
  • suggestions and ideas
  • documentation
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