Created: 2011-07-09 15:03
Updated: 2013-11-27 16:30



This is a work in progress library for reading DICOM files, following the DICOM chapter 10 format. It also serves as a platform for me to learn F# while writing something useful.

The library consists of 2 main parts.


The Lexer performs a first pass over the DICOM file in order to split it up into the Preamble, and the set of DataElements. The DataElements either represent a simple tuple of VR, tag and value, or they represent an SQ element in which case they are a tuple of tag and list DataElement. The value of a simple DataElement is a byte[] in little endian format read from the DICOM file.


The Parser transforms the DataElements produced by the Lexer into a stronger typed VR objects. This means that each DataElement's byte[] value has been translated into a specific type as defined by the DataElement's VR code and the DICOM specification. These types are either a single value or a list of values.

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