Created: 2011-07-09 13:01
Updated: 2013-10-08 12:17
License: mit

Gitplate is a templating solution using git repositories.

Do you often create new projects and have a common repository structure you like to use, with a set of basic build scripts? Gitplate aims to make it quick and simple to get a new project up and running. Point gitplate at any git repository to have a new project created in its image. Gitplate will also run a 'plate' file on the new repository. This plate file can contain tasks to rename files as well as any extra actions you require.


gem install gitplate


Initialize an existing git repository for gitplate. Creates a .gitplate directory with a sample plate file

gitplate init

Install an existing repository to setup a new project

gitplate install myproject git://

Example plate file:

init do
  rename 'SampleSolution.sln', "#{project_name}.sln"
  rename '', "#{project_name}.build.bat"
  rename 'SampleSolution.package.bat', "#{project_name}.package.bat"

task :dosomething do
  # call via 'gitplate task dosomething'
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