Created: 2011-07-09 08:05
Updated: 2017-05-31 00:57
License: other

Tokyo Toshokan for Node.JS


This is a simple wrapper for searching and retrieving details from Tokyo Toshokan, an online torrent index. It's not designed to be a fully featured client, but rather an easy way to automate searching the main content of the site.

There are probably a bunch of error conditions that aren't handled right now, but I'll be sorting them out as they come up. Feel free to report any I don't find to me directly via github or some such mechanism.


#!/usr/bin/env node

var tokyotosho = require("tokyotosho");
var tt = new tokyotosho.Client("", 80, "/");{terms: "rozen maiden"}, function(err, results) {
  if (err) {
    console.warn("[-] Error performing search: " + err.message);

  results.forEach(function(result) {
    tt.details(, function(err, entry) {
      if (err) {
        console.warn("[-] Error fetching details for entry: " + err.message);

      console.log("Entry " + + ": " + JSON.stringify(entry));


The search method takes two arguments: an options object and a callback in the form of function(error, results). The options object can contain the fields terms, category, size_min, size_max (measured in MiB) and username, which refers to the submitter's username. In the callback, error will contain a message parameter that can be used to glean additional error information. results is an array of entries, the fields of which are id, title, url, category, time,size, submitter, comment, website and if present on the page, authorized.

The details method takes two arguments as well, an ID and a callback in the form of function(error, entry). error behaves similarly to the error object returned by search. entry is an object with the fields id, time, category, url, comment and website.


id: the ID assigned to the entry by Tokyo Toshokan.
title: the name of the torrent.
url is the URL of the torrent itself.
category: an object containing two parameters: id and name, where id is the numeric ID to be used in search queries and name is the human readable name of the category.
time: the time the torrent was uploaded (only accurate to within the minute).
size: the size of the torrent (this is a text field right now)
submitter: the username of the submitter of the torrent
website: the website supplied at submission time, a (right now unvalidated) URL
comment: the comment supplied at submission time, free text
authorized: a boolean value if present or null if not

U mad?

I can be contacted via email, github or a couple of different IRC networks. I frequent some channels on rizon and freenode primarily, and if I'm not playing silly games with my nick, you'll be able to find me there as "deoxxa".

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