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Updated: 2018-10-29 19:27
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This repository contains two disposable Python scripts that take a list of tasks exported from Remember The Milk or the Reminders app for OS X and convert that list to Gina Trapani's todo.txt format (see


There are two scripts in the package:, which can be used with both Remember The Milk and Apple's Reminders app, and, which can only be used with Remember The Milk.

Run each script without arguments for the usage information.

Import tasks from OS X Reminders app or iCal 5.X

To import tasks from OS X Reminders:

  1. Open the Reminders app.
  2. In the left pane, select the list(s) you want to export.
  3. From the menu bar, select "File" > "Export...", choose where to save the ICS file, click "Export".

To import tasks from iCal:

  1. Open iCal.
  2. Make sure Reminders are visible: "View" > "Show Reminders".
  3. While holding the Control key, click the name of the reminder list to be exported and then choose "Export...".
  4. Choose a location for the ICS file, and then click "Export".

When importing ICS files prepared by Reminders or iCal, the names of the lists are lost, so if this information is important, one must import tasks on a per-list basis and add +Project names manually, for example, by providing the third argument to

Import tasks from Remember The Milk

In addition to, which expects data in iCalendar format, RTM tasks can also be imported using, which requires an Atom feed downloaded from The former script is the preferred method, though.

RTM lists are converted to todo.txt projects (+Project); RTM tags and locations are converted to contexts (@Context). Unfortunately, although iCalendar format contains much more information about tasks, it's missing the RTM list names, so if those are important, there are two options:

  1. Use
  2. Reconstruct the list names in output manually.

RTM task data in iCalendar format to be used by must be downloaded and saved using a web browser from this URL:

To download RTM task data as an Atom feed for the script, the following URL must be used instead:

The last component in both URLs must be replaced with the actual RTM username. The user must be logged in.

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