Created: 2011-07-08 22:31
Updated: 2014-08-09 17:53

To run, execute

python [dimensions] [epsilon] > out.txt

python eriksson_test_target.dhr out.txt

(note, pass dimensions = "auto" to use the automatically chosen dimension)

Common file format: For any file containing a matrix (eriksson_test_target.dhr, mSubsetMatrix.dhr, and matrix_H.dhr), the file format is as follows:

[m IP addresses, one per line]
[   a matrix with m columns (and, for mSubsetMatrix, also m columns), each
    column corresponding to the IP address in the similarly indexed line

For example, eriksson_test_target.dhr contains a n x n grid of "end hosts"
which is filled as much as possible. Each row and column

Files included:

eriksson_test_target.dhr - Contains measured data between these hosts, for accuracy determination

mSubsetMatrix.dhr - Contains a 29x29 complete matrix of hop data between those IP addresses

matrix_H.dhr - Contains a matrix which has (m) rows corresponding to mSubsetMatrix.dhr and columns corresponding to eriksson_test_target.dhr (n).

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