Created: 2011-07-08 22:15
Updated: 2016-01-02 15:54
License: apache-2.0


  • is a Perl command-line utility which will allow you to display Bind9 stats via SNMP. A Network Monitoring solution such as Zenoss or Nagios can then use those stats to build graphs using RRDtool representing DNS stats.


  • This software is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. A copy of the licese is also available in the LICENSE file of this repo.


  • should be executed on the server running your Network monitoring solution such as Zenoss or Nagios.

  • Ensure firewall access has been granted on your Bind9 server to allow SNMP connections from your network monitor.

  • You may test the output of, by running it manually. However, the output is meant to be passed to SNMPD. Therefore, the output may appear to you as a useless string of numbers without a newline at the end.


  • --success Prints rndc success stats.

  • --referral Prints rndc referral stats.

  • --nxrrset Prints rndc nxrrset stat.

  • --nxdomain Prints rndc nxdomain stats.

  • --recursion Prints rndc recursion stats.

  • --failure Prints rndc failure stats.

  • --all Prints all rndc stats.


  • The only errors generated are file open errors. Carp confess is used to generate a backtrace of any resulting errors.


  • There are currently no attributes for this cookbook.


  • As previously mentioned, this script is meant to send output to SNMPD. However, the following optional commands are supported:

./ --success
./ --referral
./ --nxrrset
./ --nxdomain
./ --recursion
./ --failure
./ --all

NOTE-ABOUT-BINARY/FILE LOCATIONS: expects the following to present on your system.

  • /usr/sbin/rndc # Your rndc binary.

  • /var/named/data/named_stats.txt # Your rndc stats file.

  • If you have things installed in different locations, such as Bind9 in a chroot/jail environment, and would like to use this script, we would graciously accept a patch! Perhaps your patch could use GetOpt::Declare to accept locations of rndc binary and stats file as cmd-line options.
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