Created: 2011-07-08 21:27
Updated: 2018-05-29 05:55
License: mit

Support for Multiple Themes / Styles in Symfony

This will allow you to use multiple themes for symfony, each with it's own templates and stylesheets.

New Directory for Templates

The templates have to be stored in sf_root_dir/themes/application/themename/module. A theme named default has to be present. Layouts have to be placed in sf_root_dir/themes/themename/application.


  • sf_root_dir/themes/default/frontend/layout.php is the new place for your layout
  • sf_root_dir/themes/default/frontend/post/indexSuccess.php is the new place for the success-template when calling the index-action on the post-module


Create stylesheets for your theme. You'll need to create one for each application.


  • default-frontend.css
  • default-backend.css

Please include this stylesheets in your themes root directory. They need to be copied into the /web/css folder.

Only Change What You Need

All themes (except default) will load the default-templates if a custom one is not found. This way you just need to create the template files you want to alter.

Apart from that the default-stylesheet will be included if a custom one cannot be found.


  • Copy this classes to you lib directory (the task to lib/task and filter to lib/filter).
  • Move your templates.
  • Edit your filters.yml. Add one filter for the themes logic:
    rendering: ~
    security:  ~
      class: ThemedFilter
    cache:     ~
    execution: ~
  • Done!

Setup a Theme

Just run the ./symfony themed:setup task to setup all themes or ./symfony themed:setup name to setup a specific theme.

Anatomy of a Theme

This shows the basic directory structure in your project's root folder:

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