Created: 2011-07-08 20:37
Updated: 2013-10-24 20:02
License: mit



acts_as_activecomplete is an intelligent autocompletion plugin for Rails. It personalizes autocompletion on any model class using document statistics. Currently, acts_as_activecomplete is being tested on Rails 2.3.11. Feel free to fork the repository and submit patches or improvements.




Add the acts_as_activecomplete helper method for each model that you wish to enable autocompletion on. This helper method also accepts parameters, each of which is a column, that will be used for autocompletion.

class Product
    acts_as_activecomplete :name, :description

After the initial setup, run

rake activecomplete:build:words['Product']

The 'build:words' rake task create a words index for the given models' columns. Currently, only one model per task is accepted, however this will be changed very soon.

 rake activecomplete:build:correlations['Product']

The 'build:correlations' rake task create a correlations index for the given model. Each consecutive tuple of words will be recorded and metrics will be stored.

=========================================================== Copyright © 2011 Nitin Dhar, released under the MIT license

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