Created: 2011-07-08 18:03
Updated: 2018-05-05 14:07



Fork of Labs Email2Chatter App which supports posting to all standard and custom objects, multiple attachments, and parses links into the appropriate Chatter post fields.

For links:

  • Subject becomes link Title
  • Link is extracted from email body and becomes LinkUrl
  • Remaining email body becomes post body

The object hashtag should be the object's label stripped of markup, ie. Custom_Object__c becomes #CustomObject (case-insensitive). Objects will be matched based on the exact name following the hashtag.

This should be particularly useful for the following cases:

  • Consultants who are frequently logged into client orgs instead of their internal org
  • Mobile users who use a variety of apps to read and share pages
  • Frequent posters who want to bypass multiple copy-paste into the link title/location fields


To install the source code in a Salesforce org, use the GitHub Salesforce Deploy Tool.

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