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Updated: 2019-02-17 16:56


ofxBullet v2.4

An OpenFrameworks add-on for Bullet Physics

ofxBullet ofxBullet Meshes ofxBullet Soft Bodies

Currently bullet libs are compiled for OSX, iOS and VS2015 (WIP for VS2017) and is tested with OF 0.10x
Help with integration for CodeBlocks and linux is much appreciated.

OpenFrameworks - http://www.openframeworks.cc
Bullet Physics - http://bulletphysics.org/wordpress/

Current Supported Versions: OpenFrameworks 0.10x - https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks
Bullet Physics bullet-2.82-r2704 - http://code.google.com/p/bullet/downloads/list

Soft Bodies + VS2015 compatibility thanks to Elie Zananiri aka @prisonerjohn
Linux compatibility thanks to Benjamin Knofe aka @benben
VS2012 compatibility thanks to Kentaro Yama aka @kentaroid and Elie Zananiri aka @prisonerjohn
To compile libs for PC, view here: http://code.google.com/p/bullet/downloads/list

Previous Versions

ofxBullet v2.3 (supports OF 0.9x, OSX, Windows and iOS.) https://github.com/NickHardeman/ofxBullet/releases/tag/v2.3

ofxBullet v2.2 (supports OF 008x. OSX, Windows (VS2012) and iOS. Uses bullet 2.82, includes soft bodies) https://github.com/NickHardeman/ofxBullet/releases/tag/v2.2

ofxBullet v2.1 (supports OF 008x. OSX, Windows (VS2012) and iOS. Uses bullet 2.82, no soft bodies) https://github.com/NickHardeman/ofxBullet/releases/tag/v2.1

ofxBullet v2.0 (supports OF 007x. OSX, Windows, iOS and Linux. Uses bullet 2.81) - https://github.com/NickHardeman/ofxBullet/releases/tag/v2.0

ofxBullet v1.0 (supports OF 007x and Linux. Uses bullet 2.77) - https://github.com/NickHardeman/ofxBullet/releases/tag/v1.0


Move the ofxBullet folder into OpenFrameworks > addons
Use the project generator (projectGenerator/projectGenerator.app) to compile the examples.

3D logo by Lauren Licherdell: http://www.laurenlicherdell.com

Control bodies, move them, rotate them.
If you would like to control rigid bodies that will influence others, please read

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