Created: 2011-07-08 14:10
Updated: 2015-02-07 13:31
License: gpl-2.0

MathJax phpBB Integration

Powered by phpBB Powered by MathJax

phpBB modification that enables users to post beautiful math in LaTeX and MathML, rendered in all major browsers using the MathJax JavaScript Library.

Compatible with phpBB v3.0.9 to v3.0.12.

For phpBB v3.1.3 check this repository.


  • Uses the phpBB BBCode system.
  • Multiple BBCodes can be used with static preview texts.
  • Dynamic loading, saving users time and bandwidth.
  • MathJax CDN can be used with a local installed copy for fallback purposes.
  • Rendering is done in the client side, by the JavaScript library. No complicated setups!
  • Works on all major browsers.
  • Renders in native MathML, Web fonts and Image fonts depending on the browser capabilities.


  • phpBB3 v3.0.9, v3.0.10, v3.0.11 or v3.0.12.
  • The MathJax library accessible from the forum web path or the ability to accept the CDN TOS.


  • Use AutoMOD or open install_mod.xml in your browser and follow the instructions
  • Complete the installation by running the php file mentioned, if any.
  • Links to additional languages, themes, optional modifications and update instructions can be found in the mentioned xml file.
  • You may check the Wiki for optimization tricks and special use-cases.


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