Created: 2011-07-08 13:18
Updated: 2016-05-20 12:47
License: mit


Akuma Simulator

How to build

  • Get the dependencies:
  • Setup your environment:
    • MOAI_INCLUDE must point to the location of moai headers(e.g: moai-dev/src)
    • MOAI_LIB must point to the location of moai libraries(e.g: moai-dev/vs2010/bin/Win32/Release)
    • Copy Moai's lua library (from moai-dev/vs2010/lua-lib/Release) to the "deps" folder and rename it moai-lua
  • Use premake4 to generate a suitable project file or build script.


To start the simulator:

	Akuma <profile> <path to main.lua>

A list of existing profiles can be found in bin/profiles

Environment variables:

  • AKUMA_DOCUMENT_DIR: MOAIEnvironment.documentDirectory will have the value of this variable.

To intercept file changes:

Define Akuma.onFileEvent(directory, file, event). This function can return a boolean value to indicate whether the Simulator needs to restart. See samples/fileEvent/ for more info.

During simulation:

  • Press Ctrl+R to restart
  • The simulator will automatically restarts if change to the project folder is detected
  • To simulate multitouch, hold down Ctrl before you release you left mouse button to create a "sticky" touch. Click the touch again to move it.
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