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Updated: 2019-03-02 19:25
License: bsl-1.0

cairoD Build Status

This is a D2 binding and wrapper for the cairo graphics library.

Currently cairoD targets cairo version 1.10.2.


API Documentation:


The cairoD library ships with some examples in the examples directory. Some of these examples are ported from, some are original. To build these examples, simply use dub:

dub run

On windows you have to manually copy the DLLs into the bin directory. Run

dub build

This will build the example and copy the executable to the bin directory. Then copy all DLLs from /lib/32 or /lib/64 into the bin directory and run the example.exe manually.

Some examples can directly present the results in a GTK2 or GTK3 window. Simply use the correct dub configurations:

dub run --config=gtk2
dub run --config=gtk3

GTK3 example image


You can use [dub] to make this library a dependency for your project. [dub]:

Windows support

cairoD can be used on windows, but it requires cairo DLLs and matching import libraries. We provide a set of DLLs and import libraries in the lib directory. Copy the lib folder into your dub project and then use this dub configuration to support all windows compilers:

    "libs-windows-x86-dmd": ["lib/32/mars/cairo"],
    "libs-windows-x86-gdc": ["lib/32/msvc_mingw/cairo"],
    "libs-windows-x86-ldc": ["lib/32/msvc_mingw/cairo"],
    "libs-windows-x86_64": ["lib/64/cairo"],
    "copyFiles-windows-x86": ["lib/32/*.dll"],
    "copyFiles-windows-x86_64": ["lib/64/*.dll"]

Note: cairoD currently uses the windows-headers package for the Win32Surface. Use the CairoWindowsDruntime version if you want to use the windows bindings shipped with D version 2.070+.

Customizing the cairoD configuration

The cairo library provides certain features as optional extensions. CairoD does not provide access to these extensions by default. To enable the extensions, pass the matching version to your D compiler or specify the versions in your dub.json file:

"dependencies": {
    "cairod": {"version": "~>0.0.1"}
"versions": ["CairoPNG"]

The following versions are available:

version name Cairo C feature Description
CairoPNG CAIRO_HAS_PNG_FUNCTIONS Enable loading/saving of PNG files
CairoPSSurface CAIRO_HAS_PS_SURFACE Enable module
CairoPDFSurface CAIRO_HAS_PDF_SURFACE Enable cairo.pdf module
CairoSVGSurface CAIRO_HAS_SVG_SURFACE Enable cairo.svg module
CairoFTFont CAIRO_HAS_FT_FONT Enable cairo.ft module (FreeType fonts)
CairoWin32Surface CAIRO_HAS_WIN32_SURFACE Enable cairo.win32 module (rendering)
CairoWin32Font CAIRO_HAS_WIN32_FONT Enable cairo.win32 module (fonts)
CairoXlibSurface CAIRO_HAS_XLIB_SURFACE Enable cairo.xlib module
CairoXCBSurface CAIRO_HAS_XCB_SURFACE Enable cairo.xcb module
CairoDirectFBSurface CAIRO_HAS_DIRECTFB_SURFACE Enable cairo.directfb module
CairoWindowsDruntime - Use instead of windows-headers



Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.

See the accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or view it online.

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