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Updated: 2015-03-17 11:51


TED Yourself

What is TED Yourself?

TED Yourself is an inspirational organisation, dedicated to letting everyone know just how awesome you are.

Squaring your I.Q by the length of your job title, TED Yourself lets you experience what making a profound contribution to the human race feels like without actually having to lift a philanthropic finger.

TED Yourself is sponsored by digital agency Blonde. Blonde created TED Yourself as an irreverent celebration of TED Talks, which comes to the Edinburgh festival for the first time this summer.

Blonde Digital

The site was built in nodejs, with CouchDB as a database. We think nodejs is a really powerful tool. To show you what it can do, we made TED Yourself open source. If you like what you've seen, then get in touch to find out what Blonde can do for you.

This project is no longer maintained and kept for archive purposes only.

To Run

Copy config/settings.default.js to config/settings.js and enter your settings. Create a CouchDB database and create the design document _design/profile from the file config/database/design.profile.json

Then in the command line type node app.js to run

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