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Updated: 2017-07-06 04:14
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Troch is a website monitoring tool. Troch is open source.



  • Watch Site
    • check difference between current html body and old html body
    • check difference between current title and old title
    • determine whether keyword is present
  • Get Domain Expired Date
  • Get SSL Expired Date
  • Get Google PageRank


  • Ruby 1.9.2 or 1.9.3
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Redis


  1. Download

     $ git clone troch
  2. Install gems

     $ cd troch
     $ bundle install --without development test --deployment
  3. Set up smtp

     $ cp config/settings.example.yml config/settings.yml

    Edit config/settings.yml . For example,

       from:    ''
       address: ''
       domain:  ''
       port:    25
  4. Set up database

     $ cp config/database.mysql.yml config/database.yml

    Edit config/database.yml . For example,

       adapter: mysql2
       database: troch
       username: troch
       password: troch
       encoding: utf8
       host: localhost

    Create database

     $ RAILS_ENV="production" bundle exec rake db:setup
  5. Start web server

     $ bundle exec unicorn_rails -E production -D

    View at: http://localhost:8080/ Or install passenger and edit apache or nginx config.

  6. Start worker

    Copy startup script.

     (Red Hat)
     # cp ext/troch/troch-worker.redhat /etc/init.d/troch-worker
     # cp ext/troch/troch-worker.ubuntu /etc/init.d/troch-worker

    Edit TROCH_ROOT in /etc/init.d/troch-worker . For example,


    Add troch-worker into startup script and start troch-worker.

     (Red Hat)
     # chkconfig --add troch-worker
     # /etc/init.d/troch-worker start
     # sysv-rc-conf troch-worker on
     # /etc/init.d/troch-worker start
  7. Health check (option)

    Copy startup script.

     (Red Hat)
     # cp ext/troch/troch-health-checker.redhat /etc/init.d/troch-health-checker
     # cp ext/troch/troch-health-checker.ubuntu /etc/init.d/troch-health-checker

    Edit TROCH_ROOT in /etc/init.d/troch-health-checker . For example,


    Add troch-health-checker into startup script and start troch-health-checker.

     (Red Hat)
     # chkconfig --add troch-health-checker
     # /etc/init.d/troch-health-checker start
     # sysv-rc-conf troch-health-checker on
     # /etc/init.d/troch-health-checker start


Copyright 2012 Shinji Kano. See LICENSE for details.

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