Created: 2011-07-08 04:14
Updated: 2013-12-14 17:12

This is just a playground for some experimenting with different designs for ISIS2.

Some goals include:

  • first impression that suggests web x.0 instead of web 1997
  • stronger University of Iowa branding
  • making basic navigation more accessible
  • cleaning up the HTML, moving to HTML5/CSS - away from table/font/junk...
  • playing nice with publication standards, fonts, colors when possible
  • dealing with different sized browser layouts?

Each design has examples of the following pages:

  • login page
  • home page
  • student records index page
  • new admissions profile
  • student handbook
  • new courses page

Some comments about the different designs:


  • Full bar, icon defines ISIS, greeting outside bar
  • gradient profile boxes


  • Full bar, simplified ISIS icon (bigger), University of Iowa text pushed right
  • button based navbar mouse overs


  • similar to 2, reduced nav bar, pushed up and to the right of the icon (smaller header)


  • similar to 3, but a liquid design with just a min-width on the main content area


  • similar to 4, but black on gold instead of gold on black
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