Created: 2011-07-07 22:35
Updated: 2016-09-17 19:28


FSharper is an implementation of F# for ReSharper. It targets ReSharper 6.


What you need is:

  • VS2010
  • ReSharper 6 SDK (soon to be released)
  • ReSharper 6 for testing


  • F# is not fast enough in order to parse/lex F#. Sorry but it's true. Alternatives such as C++/CLI are being considered.
  • Managed languages might not be the best idea to deal with F# in terms of performance. This concerns mainly issues regarding type inferencing.
  • F# has an impedance mismatch with ReSharper. R# is basically all-OOP whereas F# isn't good at this, which results in all sorts of weirdness, such as returning Unchecked.defaultof<> values. We still need to connect the two at some point,


  • F# is by itself pretty good once you get object models in place. For example, pattern matching is very relevant while analyzing code.
  • F# project files always appear in order, which offers a potential performance advantage in terms of multithreaded parsing.
  • It might be possible to take lexing and parsing off the CPU, letting it do some other R#-related work instead.
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