Created: 2011-07-07 21:46
Updated: 2015-11-05 10:40


(WORK IN PROGRESS) R U HAPPY its a way to ask feedback from your users about stories marked as delivered in Pivotal Tracker

Integrating to your rails app

  1. Add ruhappy to your gemfile

    gem 'ruhappy'

  2. Create a config/initializers/ruhappy.rb with your pivotal tracker information

  3. Mount ruhappy application in your config/routes.rb

    mount Ruhappy::App, :at => "/ruhappy"


For simple a Rails 3 scaffold project using ruhappy check


Features are tracked in Pivotal Tracker

How to run

  1. Create a .rvmrc file. There is an .rvmrc.example provided
  2. Run bundle install to install all of the dependencies
  3. Create a config/initializer.rb with your pivotal tracker information
  4. Run rake start to the application with config provided

Future plans

  • Integration with Github and others adapters
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