Created: 2011-07-07 21:32
Updated: 2013-12-09 22:20


cache the fonts!

daylight saving times!!

delete function!

Update time in clocks (setInterval, on seconds, we update GMT, and then refresh the clocks...)

make the separator (:) blink (toggle aclass?)

arrow cursor on text (bar is ugly)

re-order clock so they appear in chronologic order (past -present - future)

if the clock already exist, dont add it again...

todo: on some instance, the time wrap on another line (ex: 10:35)

position and stretch the clocks all dynamically, so they always fill all the screen:

  • may not be possible to keep everything relative in size
  • can the canvas be stretched: yes, but there aliasing, it's not vector...

find a "slugify" function, and use it to generate IDS based on name (lowercase, and special_chars_cleanup)

slugify the pattern


  • when user press enter on suggestion, submit!
  • maybe auto-fill the field (instead of simply suggesting under...)

set a BG image on the delete submit button..

On a mouse device only, we only show the delete option when the clock is overed (it shows option).

  • On touch device, options are always there, or just hidden (simpler app.)

12/24 format

  • bind js action onto these buttons
  • should it submit a form? no, just a post... can it be radios???
  • radio that autosubmit the form when changed...

todo: add timezones in the autocomplete and support for them...

todo: add alternate spelling for major cities... (localized + accronyms)

todo: position in css all time digit statically (with left and right alignement...)

todo: rollover bug with fadein colcks (just added ones...)

todo: data: add a top hit value, so we suggest more important cities first.


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