Created: 2011-07-07 20:51
Updated: 2016-03-27 21:44
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Live Blogging for WordPress

Build Status

Using it

Don't use this, just grab a .zip from instead.

Development Prerequisites

To 'build' Live Blogging for WordPress:

  • Make
  • Java
  • gettext
  • pngcrush (OSX/Linux only - not needed on Windows)

To run the Live Blogging for WordPress test suite:

  • Ruby
  • Bundler
  • Firefox
  • Vagrant

Using the development version of it

make dist
cd sandbox
vagrant up

This will start a VM at with a blank WordPress blog for you to experiment with. This must be running for the Cucumber tests to run. The database is wiped on every load of the sandbox. The username and password for the WordPress admin is admin and cucumber.

Alternatively, you can run

make dist

And use the build/ folder in your own WordPress development instance.

Running the tests

make test

Ensuring code quality

make strict


Pull requests would be nice at

Releasing to WordPress

To just update the trunk release:

make pushtowordpress

To tag a new release:

make tagwordpress WORDPRESS_VERSION=TEST

This of course assumes you have permission to commit to the WordPress SVN repo.

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