Created: 2011-07-07 19:27
Updated: 2018-09-10 21:12

Viceroy is a configuration of the Vim text editor. It is a set of Vim scripts that help programmers get the most out of Vim with common options that advanced vim users would set.

Who is this for? Teams that want a standard vim configuration to share, particularly for pair programming. People just getting started with vim and want to boot-strap their configuration. And anyone who just wants the batteries included with Vim.

Viceroy is not intended to be a crutch that experienced vim users would get annoyed at. Yes, it is opinionated, but tries to follow best practices of the community. The goal is to have a solid set a defaults with an easy way to customize. If you think something should be changed please submit a pull request. Together we can make this project a rock solid base for writing code in Vim.

To install simply run this command (if you trust me, otherwise clone the git repo):

$ curl -L -o - | sh

Included are a set of plugin bundles that really unleash the power of Vim. They are not installed by default, but can easily be downloaded and installed by running this command in Vim:


Local customization is easy. If you want to change your color scheme, or override any of the settings in Viceroy, edit your .vimrc.local file. This is also the place to specify any additional plugin bundles that you want to install.

You can edit it by running this command:

$ vim ~/.vimrc.local

Here is an example .vimrc.local:

set nofoldenable
set guifont=Monaco:h14
silent! colorscheme solarized

Since Viceroy uses pathogen under the covers, adding additional plugins is easy. Just clone the repo into ~/.vim/bundle.

Here is an example .vim-bundles:

# Repos on github

# Vim Scripts repos
# See for a list of the mirrored projects

# Arbitrary git repos

# If you don't want to use one of the default plugins, you
# can skip it by prefixing the line with a `~`

The default bundles are listed in Viceroy's Bundlefile.

This is supposed to be a community driven project. If you have suggestions or changes please add an issue, check the wiki or best of all a pull request.

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